Our History

The All Saints’ Diocesan Hr. Sec. School, Shillong, began as part of the Service aspect of the Church mission. The School was established when the (Late) Rt. Rev. A. V. Jonathan was the Bishop of the Diocese of Assam. Then on October 8, 1967, the foundation stone of the All Saints’ Diocesan High School, Shillong, was laid by the Most Rev. L. de Mel, the then Metropolitan of the Anglican Church in India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon.

The fifty years that have rolled by have also seen some of the finest minds that have shaped and moulded this Institution into what it is now.

The list of past and present Principals of the School is given below:
       1. Mr. C. Jones ….. ……………………. 1967 to 1969
       2. Mr. F. R. Ingty ………………………. 1970 to 1973
       3. Ms. L. Sam …………………………... A brief time in 1973
       4. Mr. L. Tham …………………………. 1974 to 1983
       5. Rev. P. B. Lyngdoh – ………………. 1984 to 2017
       6. Dr. (Mrs) E. M. Syiem– ………………. 2017 till date

The School was recognized by the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) in the year 1984 and upgraded to Higher Secondary Section (Arts and Commerce) in 2008. Throughout its history, the School has maintained a commitment to providing the highest calibre of educational experience to all its students. In its secure and caring environment, students are encouraged to discover and develop not only their intellectual abilities but their spiritual values as well. All Saints’ School has remained synonymous with discipline. Its students are prepared for life beyond high school, to be active and sound, both morally and intellectually. Educating and nurturing more than 1500 students today, the School has enjoyed excellent academic results every year, always finding a place amongst the top-ranked schools of the state.

The Golden Jubilee Year 2016-17, only marks a brief pause in the School’s journey, where each stakeholder reminisces, introspects and then forges ahead with the journey. All Saints’ School has carved a niche in the field of education in this part of the country. Undoubtedly, it will continue for many more years, to contribute to society by inculcating in its students the very values that it embodies - compassion, kindness, hard work and perseverance. In accordance with its Motto, ‘Strive and Prevail’, All Saints’ School will strive to prevail against all odds, not only to give its students the very best but to bring out the best in them, in the years to come.

The School Crest and Motto

The entire concept, design and motto was authored and composed by Donald DilipIngty, a teacher in the school during the years 1974 – 76, after much research through the resources (books) available at the State Central Library, Shillong. While making the final drawing he was aided by his friend and artist, Lalthang, for the presentation. The then Principal of the school, Mr. LamphrangTham, gave his approval to the Crest/ Emblem after which it was approved by our Bishop the (Late) Rt. Rev. DD Pradhan. Thereafter, the Crest/ Emblem was given to M/s. Lila Brothers, the approved school tailors, at GS Road, Police Bazar, Shillong to incorporate the same into our school blazer as a badge/ Crest to be displayed on the left-hand side, over the heart of the wearer.


The School Crest

The cross denotes that the institution is Christian. The lotus (India’s national flower) appearing at the center of the cross symbolizes the school’s essential Indian character. The red lotus at its base coupled with the red background indicates its origins in the Church of North India (CNI), which was established on 29 November, 1970, thereby associating itself with the established schools and colleges of the CNI like the St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, the La Martiniere schools in Lucknow and Calcutta, St. Paul’s Darjeeling, St. Thomas Schools, to name a few. A Tribal Shield Tattoo which appears on the body of the cross depicts the school in the tribal region of North East India pointing to its indigenous heritage.

The Doves stand for Peace, Divine Truth, Holy Spirit, Innocence, Purity and Faithfulness.Doves have long been a symbol for the Holy Spirit in Christianity. It is commonly believed that to see a dove is to be aware of the Holy Spirit within us and to be open to receiving divine wisdom and guidance. In the Bible Noah sends a dove to see if the flood has passed. The dove coming back with an olive branch is a symbol of the flood being over and is still used to symbolize peace today. The lines at the head serve to remind us of the two thieves on both sides of Christ.

The Motto

The motto Strive and Prevail, was composed by the author and is unique. It is based on the poem Ulysses, by Lord Alfred Tennyson where Ulysses and his men must engage on their quest, perhaps a final one, in which the drive "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" is all there is. Perhaps by Divine Intervention the motto now belongs to the All Saints’ Diocesan Hr. Secondary School alone!